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Spring Beer and Wine Fest



United States - Portland


From: 2016.04.22 To: 2016.04.23



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Nothing is better than Portland in spring . . . except for the Beer and Wine Fest in Portland in spring! Hundreds of craft beer, wine, spirits and cocktails as well as delicious food combine for a perfect weekend getaway. Compete against others in cooking at the Chefs Stage, listen to live music performed by the hottest bands in the region, take the Tour de Cheese and Chocolatiers or stop by the arts and crafts exhibits, where you can by unique items. Learn how to make delicious food from a few simple ingredients. Chill out in the Hip Sips Lounge or in the Smoker’s Tent. By the way, admission is free for the first two hours each day! The Spring Beer and Wine Fest is the largest springtime event of its kind in the nation. And it is delish!

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