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Spirit Base Festival



Hungary - Rajka


From: 2015.06.06 To: 2015.06.10



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Are you ready to fall into a six-day non-stop psychedelic trance? Check out one of Europe's largest psychedelic trance festival. The line-up of Djs and musicians is impressive with over 90 live acts and non-stop sounds, visuals and conscious-altering tempos. The beats pump faster than your heart, and you'll be spinning with glee in the alien temple on the dance floor while time goes by so quickly it's trippy. Dubbed by the organizers as a “Desert Trip,” in part due to the sandy location of the festival, in a former sand quarry, it's probable you'll feel like you've transcended Austria and landed in another world. Bring your 3-D glasses, the themes this year include Avatar paintings and Indian food. Camping available, no dogs.

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