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Six-Hour Kite Buggying Race



France - Berck


From: 2015.10.21 To: 2015.10.21



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Are you a fan of Kites? Are you a fan of buggying? does your golf cart go too slow? well folks, this events takes us tot he coast, where the two are combined. this event is a compiled event consisting of a Kite-Buggying race. as racers have designed, created and touched up there vehicles, they will be let out onto the track, or stretch and race. from Time trials to head to head races, this event carries out one of the fastest non-motorized buggy races in history as the buddies are wind powered by the massive kites that are attached to the buggies. This event offers an unusually entertaining perspective as these kites are held up high but are in fact moving the driver and his buggy at high speeds as the driver steers his way through tot he finish line, trying to go as fast as he/she can. The feeling is magnificent and the experience may be just as good. so make your way to the event when you can, as it grows in popularity annually.

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