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Sinhalese New Year



Sri Lanka - Sri Jayavardhanapura


From: 2016.04.14 To: 2016.04.14



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Aluth Avurudhu is perhaps one of the most important days of the year in Sri Lanka, when people all over the country and small communities all across the globe celebrate Sinhalese New Year. Festivities take place in every small village of the country, but, of course, the biggest celebration is in the capital city of Kotte. State and private media cover this event, which is then broadcast internationally. Besides the usual elements of any celebration, like a fireworks show, amazing dance and song performances and various cultural displays, you will also be able to observe many traditional rituals, which date back many centuries. The night before the celebration, make sure to take a ritual bath and apply a herbal mixture on your head and body to cleanse your body and soul. The next day you can take part in a lively game of Guddu (similar to baseball), which is played by both children and adults. This day also symbolizes Sinhalese hospitality and warmth, so do not be surprised if a random person on the street offers you a delicious meal or a cup of tea. The date of the holiday is always determined according to astrological calculations and coincides with the day when the sun is directly above Sri Lanka. It does not matter where you are from or what culture you belong to, this festival will make you feel like part of the Sinhalese community.

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