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Silvesterklausen - Traditional Swiss New Year's Eve



Switzerland - Appenzell


From: 2015.12.30 To: 2015.12.30



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This event takes place on on Sylvester's Day (New Year's Eve), December 31 and again on January 13, which was New Year’s Eve according to the Julian calendar. The Silvesterkläuse are costumed entertainers, known in English as Mummers, whose job is to ring in the new year with festivities and fun. In the Hinterland district around there are three kinds of Kläuse or Mummers: ugly ones, beautiful ones and woodland ones, some of them less recognizable than others. The mummers parade through the streets from house to house banging cowbells and singing songs. When the head of the house comes out to see what all the racket is about the Kläuse wish him and his family a Happy New Year with a strong handshake, receive a gift of money, and march off to the next house in the same order in which they arrived. It is only since the Second World War, and increasingly in the past few years, that the event has become so famous that whole coachloads of tourists are now carted into the valley of the Urnäsch.

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