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Santiago de Compostela Carnival



Spain - Santiago de Compostela


From: 2016.02.18 To: 2016.02.22



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Prepare yourselves for the time of your life! In the midst of a carnival fever, surrounded by satirical fancy dresses, enlightening parades, and some delicious Spanish local culinary delights the Santiago de Compostela Carnival will steal your heart. With vibrant Mardi Gras parade floats, crazy costumes and masks as well as musical bands featuring traditional Galician artists dressed in the traditional regional costumes the carnival has it all. The crowds gather at the Praza de Toural in the centre of the beautiful town where a funny chronicle of last year’s events is versified by the comedians in the middle of a sea of laughter and joy. Other events include the burning of the king of Santiago de Compostela Carnival taking place in Plaza Roja, an entertaining children’s parade as well as various games and competitions aimed at including one and all in this two week adventure in the heart of Galica.

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