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Santa Barbara French Festival



United States - Santa Barbara


From: 2016.07.14 To: 2016.07.15



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French culture, cuisine, music, fashion and history are nothing short of fascinating. Every year Santa Barbara gives you a chance to feel French, at least for a couple of days. French dishes, pastries, wines, cheese, crêpes, onion soup – yum! From French Moroccan to regional to Cajun cuisine – there will be everything! Buy mouthwatering food from outdoor vendors and have a picnic in the park or stop by one of the cafes. There will be a specially commissioned huge Eiffel Tower and a replica of Statue of Liberty as a symbol of French-American friendship, French art shows and tons of activities for your children from playgrounds to bouncy castles. And how would you like to see a Poodle Parade? Hundreds of costumed poodles led by the mayor of Santa Barbara will be parading for your pleasure. You and your family will have an amazing time!

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