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San Sebastian Day



Spain - San Sebastián


From: 2016.01.19 To: 2016.01.19



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Every year on 20 January (the feast of Saint Sebastian), the people of San Sebastián celebrate a festival known as the "Tamborrada". At midnight the mayor raises the flag of San Sebastián in the Konstituzio plaza in the Old Town. And for the next 24 hours the entire city is awash with a parade of people dressed as cooks and soldiers marching to their own beat and creating more racket than your ears should have to tolerate. The origins of the festival date back to the early 19th century when it was a much more solemn affair consisting of your typical military march and parade of public officials. At some point began to see the event as a pre-party for the upcoming Carnival celebrations and they created a mock parade dressed in goofy costumes and makeshift instruments. However tradition has it that it was in 1881 when a number of unused military outfit were given to local bakers that the festival in its current form was born. The bakers (nowadays cooks) joined the parades sporting barrels as drums and other clubs followed suit making the parade a mix of military and civilian marching. Adults gather prior to the festival for elaborate feasts of mostly seafood and local wines. After hearing drums all night, children wake up with a version of the Tamborrada for kids. Children dress traditionally as soldiers and march around the city. At the end of the 24 hour party, the festivities are brought to an end with the lowering of the flag at midnight as the marching bands, las Tamboreadas, play the city’s anthem while everyone sings along to the rhythm of the drums.

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