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Samhain Halloween Parade



Ireland - Dublin


From: 2015.10.25 To: 2015.10.31



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Ireland, a land famous for luck of all sorts, is also ripe with superstition and rich with Pagan and Celtic traditions. Dublin is no exception, and the Samhain Dublin Parade is a physical embodiment of a holiday that celebrates harvest and also the dead. The name translates to both summer's end and November in Gaelic, and the festival incorporates Gaelic, Celtic and Pagan traditions. The cornerstone of the event is the colorful parade winding past some of the most important landmarks in the city and finishing with flair at the Temple Bar. While practicing Paganism isn't a prerequisite for participation, keeping an open mind and donning a good and colorful - or scary! - costume is a must. Or just stand along the streets of the city and watch the parade of monsters, ghosts, witches, and costumed magicians, dancers and street performers captivate the onlookers into oohs and awes. The day cumulates with a grand fireworks display, then all part ways into the infamous long night of ghosts and ghouls.

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