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Salon du Mariage



Belgium - Namur


From: 2015.10.13 To: 2015.10.14



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Imagine crashing hundreds of weddings at the same time at the same place. Head to the Salon du Mariage, a tradeshow for everything related to nuptials in the twenty-first century, and for less than it costs to buy lunch in Belgium, you'll fully experience the wedding business. Are monogrammed M&M's still popular as table treats or are gently salted almonds classier yet less pretentious? Is a garter even considered wedding lingerie? Are jellybean-colored sashes in or out this year on dresses by boutique European designers? This is an expo that exposes everything anyone needs to know about buying for "the big day." And a tropical honeymoon could be in your future, too, thanks to sponsor sweepstakes. Wedding planners, brides, grooms and anyone else interested can wander through the halls and stalls to see what's hot or not when tying the knot. Salon du Mariage is a recommended travel experience for experienced wedding crashers looking for a new challenge and brides to be.

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