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Sali Donkey Racing



Croatia - Sali


From: 2015.08.04 To: 2015.08.08



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Sali's Cultural festival starts with a trip to the mainland metropolis of Zadar where a band plays music to gather a crowd for the return journey. Once in Sali, the boat's human bounty enjoys traditional fish stew, grilled tuna, anchovies and other seafood accompanied by local music. The following day sees more concerts and sporting events like scooter races, bag races, and tug-of-war. At nightfall the port illuminates with lights from ships, small boats and the stars above. The final day of the festival features the main event "Trke Tovarov" which is a series of donkey races along the quayside of Sali. The fastest donky and rider win a slab of prosciutto, and in typical Mediterranean fashion, the laziest donkey finishing last is also awarded for keeping it low key.

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