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Saint Minas Day



Greece - Iráklion


From: 2015.11.11 To: 2015.11.11



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There's nothing like being saved from your enemies by a Saint. But if you are, you'd better give thanks to that Saint every year, just to be sure karma doesn't come and pay you what you're due before the deity intervened. Heraklion, a small village on the Greek island of Crete, isn't taking any risks on that front. After being saved from the knives of Ottoman Turks in the 19th century, and by Saint Minas, locals (likely descendents of the saved townsfolk) pay their respects every November. There's a parade, food, drink and a service in the lovely church that was named after the Saint. And since these days the Greeks and the Turks are friends (but not really), the day is a good excuse for a celebration of life. And on Crete, life certainly is something to be thankful for with rugged mountains, flower-filled plains and great cheeses and wines. Yes, thanks, Saint Minas, we will celebrate. Please pass the ouzo.

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