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United Kingdom - Sussex


From: 2015.09.15 To: 2015.09.30



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Folk Music is a very specific type of music, but what if it was mixed with a large variety of music, art, and literature- that goes from folk to classical to world? This is the Ryefestival, the perfect eclectic mix for the individual who wants to broaden his or her knowledge of the arts, because you can attend literary lectures, watch a huge array of films, and even go a little crazy and hit the dance floor with the incredible selection of music. Plus, you know it has to be good when it was named one of the top ten small festivals in Britain. What adds to its wonder is the incredible location, as it’s medieval history is an interesting contrast to the contemporary art forms that are going on during the festival itself. So spend a week in the beautiful English Sussex and enjoy all that you possibly can out of this incredible festival.

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