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Roswell UFO Festival



United States - Roswell


From: 2016.06.29 To: 2016.07.01



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Do you believe in extraterrestrial life, alien implants, flying saucers and government conspiracies? Are you an amateur ufologist or just a fan of science fiction movies and literature? Or maybe you are fond of unusual costumes and cool parties in interesting places? If one of your answers was yes, you should definitely head over for this year’s Roswell UFO Festival. Situated in a cult place for all alien lovers this festival offers an array of presentations, discussions and workshops but also entertaining events like the alien costume parade and the chance to mingle with the stars of science fiction movies. In the past, the festival hosted UFO experts like Tom Carey and Stanton Friedman and movie stars like Adrienne Barbeau and Julian Sands. Each year the number of the UFO pilgrims increases and the organizers expect aliens visitors as well, since they claim that “absolutely everyone will be here”. So, why don’t you go and learn about aliens, dress like one and maybe even meet one.

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