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Rostock Christmas Market



Germany - Rostock


From: 2015.11.22 To: 2015.12.22



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To officially open Rostock's Christmas market Father Christmas traditionally arrives in the town harbour by boat. Once a year, the twinkling glitter of the lead-up to Christmas glows along the River Warnow and the Baltic Sea, transforming the historic city centre of Rostock into the largest, and one of the most gorgeous, of Christmas Markets in the North of Germany. Old and honourable burghers houses and churches - the stone witnesses of the glorious history of Rostock as a City of the Hanseatic League - these buildings look down upon the colourful bustle of Rostock's delightful Christmas Market. Fancy something sweet? Or something a bit more savoury? Candied apples, deep-fried bananas, candy floss, baby doughnuts, burnt almonds, "Glögg" (a sort of Swedish mulled wine) and biscuits from Sweden, the smoked sausage from Rostock, the smoked fish from Warnemünde, north German fried fish in batter - Don't miss any of these culinary specialities on offer at the Rostock Christmas Market. If you want to combine your Christmas shopping with a very special experience for the whole of family, then pay a visit to Rostock and experience the cosmopolitan and hospitable flair of Hanseatic City life with its living traditions, gothic churches, gables and towers.

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