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Ronda and Los Pasos



Germany - Leonberg


From: 2016.04.21 To: 2016.04.22



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This is the Good Friday Procession and the ceremony that announces its coming to the Easter brotherhoods the night before. This is one of the most noteworthy acts in León’s Easter week celebrations. At midnight on Maundy Thursday, members of the Jesús Nazareno brotherhood who make up “La Ronda” come out to walk through the city streets all night, announcing the procession of religious statues to be held the following day. They break the night time silence with bells, trumpets and drums, to wake up their fellow citizens, calling them with the words “wake, little brothers of Jesus, it is time”. At 7.30 am on Good Friday the main procession heads out, the brotherhoods carrying 13 statues on their shoulders, and soon after you can see one of the most popular moments of León’s Easter week celebrations: the encounter between the figures of San Juan (John) and the Virgin Mary in Plaza Mayor Square.

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