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Romaria de Nossa Senhora dos Remedios



Portugal - Lamego


From: 2015.08.23 To: 2015.09.09



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Have high blood pressure, back pain or even a headache? Local superstition in the Spanish town of Lamego has it that a visit to the shrine of Nossa Senhora dos Remedios, or Our Lady of Cures, can cure it all. Though this can be visited anytime of year, it is said that miracles happen during the annual "great pilgrimage" to the baroque monument, which happens every September. Join wooden wagons, cars, along with devoted pilgrims to climb the 700 steps that lead to the sanctuary. And even if you aren't sick, the ascent is bound to be interesting since the path is marked with smaller devotional chapels, statues and fountains, and wagons that depict biblical scenes. Further, the path offers some of the best view of town and countryside. Before and after the two-day spiritual pilgrimage there's a festival with concerts, live music and a torchlight procession.

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