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Romaeuropa Festival



Italy - Rome


From: 2015.09.26 To: 2015.11.24



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Possibly one of the most beautiful aspects of live performance is witnessing how the human body is presented in space, on stage. When people are mediated on small screens, or even large movie screens with close ups, you miss the space surrounding someone as they move through the air, stretching their feet, or as they embrace another person in a lift that displaces the audience's breath as much as it transforms the air on stage. The Romaeuropa Festival is a work of art in a corporeally stunning. The festival is decidedly a huge endeavor, with music, theater and dance performances that take place across the city. All sorts of genres are included, and have been since the festival began in 1980, however it's worth mentioning that while Western classical performance reigns, more recent years have seen modern and world performances like of sword dancing, readings and drumming.

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