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Rio Carnival



Brazil - Rio de Janeiro


From: 2016.02.17 To: 2016.02.21



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The mother of all carnivals, the daddy of all parties and the God of all parades: Rio. Carnival Season is a time to forgot your inhibitions and embrace all that's wild inside and there is no better place or time on earth than during the carnival of Rio de Janeiro. It's simply mental: 500,000 people in a city that's already at bursting point and everyone desperately trying to outdo one another by simultaneously wearing as little as possible and as much as possible at the same time. The result is more bronzed flesh and fancy head dresses than you could shake a stick at. But you won't be shaking your stick but rather your behind as the streets shake to the rhythm of the parade and you are overcome by ecstatic joy, you make new best friends with a lady named Alejandrina and declare your love for a city you only met 3 days before. Pack your best feathers, leave your shyness at home and get ready to party with the best of them at the Rio Carnival.

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