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Releasing of the Ducks



Spain - mallorca


From: 2015.08.11 To: 2015.08.12



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It used to be one of the most controversial events in Spain. Every year the annual tradition of a releasing the ducks went on. Every year, the Conselleria d'Agricultura y Pesca fined the local town hall for "releasing of the dunks," and every year, the town paid the fines and the festival carried on. Five boats went out to sea carrying a few hundred ducks, then released them. Then swimmers fought their way through the waters to capture ducks and bring them back to shore as trophies. Some ducks escaped, but most were captured. Afterward all the votes are tallied, the ducks were released at the Torrent de Son Baulo, and some allegedly were brought home for dinner. In 2006 the festival was prohibited from using real ducks, luckily the organizers didn't stop, the fun still goes on with yellow rubber ducks. On a different note, is it a coincidence that Mallorca sounds like mallard?

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