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Red Carpet Antiques Festival



France - Lyon


From: 2015.10.04 To: 2015.10.07



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Oh the red carpet life. It’s this symbol of royal treatment and that the organizers of the Red Carpet Antique Show look to recreate by literally rolling out a carpet blazing a path through the finest antique shops and galleries along Rue Auguste Compte in lovely Lyon. Guests to the show can meander through the galleries and shops brimming with art works, antiques, jewelry, furniture and other sought-out delights. Meanwhile restaurants and cafes put out their best menus in hopes of drawing in some of the tired shoppers for a drink of rose water. Jazz bands and classical music quartets provide a live soundtrack to the shopping experience. It sounds luxurious, and is, but don't be fooled by the 18th century armoire that's on sale. While the streets are covered in red carpet there is plenty of price haggling. Lyon couldn't be a better place to breathe in the scent of nineteenth century handmade lace and discuss shabby-chic versus shabby-vintage with 20,000 know-it-alls in the French antiquing business. And, if you bring that funny-looking lamp you inherited, you can have it analyzed for free at the show. And who knows, it could be a windfall that will leave you walking away from that red carpet in eternal style. Then again, it might just be a nice time to pick up a set of cast iron bookends on sale.

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