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Rain of Fish



Honduras - Departamento de Yoro


From: 2015.05.01 To: 2015.07.31



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The only reason why this event hasn’t made your bucket list yet is that you’ve had no idea such a wonder could really exist! Every year at least once – although if locals are to be trusted, recently twice – instead of raindrops it’s fish that fall from the sky after a heavy storm hits Departamento de Yoro of Honduras. Where do the small, supposedly blind freshwater fish come from and why are they so suicidal? Is it really the prayers of a 19th-century priest that still draw them to the dry land? No one has found out yet. If you think you could, then go enjoy the festival celebrating the rain of fish and be there to witness this marvel with your own eyes. Free fish in our financially strained times? Sounds like a deliciously economical combination. Too bad they don’t get fried on their way down from the sky.

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