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Queens Day



Netherlands - Amsterdam


From: 2016.04.28 To: 2016.04.29



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Queens day competes for the title of biggest street party in Europe. Koninginnedag is 24-hours of partying that started as a celebration hosted by the now deceased former Queen Julianna. Lucky for everyone, her daughter Beatrix kept the festivities alive, and even encourages them by visiting various towns throughout the Netherlands. Amsterdam is the epicenter of the celebrations with every street tightly packed with swelling seas of orange clad revelers. But it's not just about the color orange since Queen's Day is also about wearing wild get-up. Stuff so wild it might put you to shame if you weren't drinking enough beer to care. And that's not hard since lagers flow freely on Queen's Day (though not free). It's easy to find something to wear, because one of the main features of Queens day is Freemarket, a chance for anyone to sell anything anywhere and not pay any taxes or permits. You'll find plenty of second-hand outfits as well as trinkets and random attic finds (a banana shaped telephone, anyone?). Prices go down with the falling of the sun. Parties continue in open air venues and thumping discos throughout the city. So go arm-in-arm with a pensioner sporting a pair of orange 3D specs. Then lay on a barge scooting under a bridge brimming with teenagers swaying to house music and you'll be right on track to celebrating this national holiday in style.

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