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Quebec Winter Carnival



Canada - Québec


From: 2016.01.27 To: 2016.02.12



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Held uninterruptedly since 1955, Quebec Winter Carnival sprung out of the desire of the New France settlers to get together just before Lent to eat, drink, and rejoice. The habit of celebrating from the end of January until mid-February was preserved and promoted with the Quebec Winter Carnival, which has since snowballed into the largest winter carnival in the world attracting more than a million visitors each year. Instead of fighting the cold, celebrate it at the Quebec Winter Carnival with the zip line, night parades, canoe races, concerts, snow sculptures, sleigh and dogsled rides, Ice Palace, skating, and many more activities. If you don’t mind the bitter outdoor cold, you can browse the complementary banquets, snow sculpturing contests, and outdoor dance parties, but make sure to have plenty of hot Caribou handy at all times. The truly fearless ones should bring their bathing suits, because they will have a chance to flaunt their bodies at the traditional bikini snow bath event!

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