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Putignano Carnival



Italy - Putignano


From: 2015.07.06 To: 2015.07.08



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Carnival is one of the most festive, fun, and colourful traditions in many countries. When in Italy, you can attend one of the most historic and beautiful carnivals in the world - the Putignano Carnival. What's more, you can attend it twice a year. The big one is in winter, stretched out over a month of Sundays, whilst this is the more compact (but no less fun) summer version of the event. The event started in the 14th century and when at the event, you will feel as if you are going back in time. Almost, as the floats directly address current events and issues, but through a 600 year old medium. It is one of the largest parades of papier-mâché floats on earth, all filled with incredible decorations, masks and flowers.

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