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Pushkar Camel Fair



India - Pushkar


From: 2015.11.20 To: 2015.11.28



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"How much for that camel sir? Ah, come on now. That's far too much. Look at his hump? That's no great hump, he's not worth half of that. Well yes, he has got nice eyes. So go on then, I'll take him." Learn far better camel haggling skills than that at the Pushkar Camel Fair on the edge of Rajasthan's Thar Desert. There'll be 250,000 people converging for the event, many of them dressed in traditional clothing making for one unbelievable spectacle. Along with the camel-traders and their camels, there's also hundreds of thousands of worshippers who come to perform ceremonies in the holy Pushkar Lake. The nights are special too, with fairground rides competing with the smells of campfire cooked food for your attention.

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