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Puck Fair



Ireland - Killorglin


From: 2015.08.10 To: 2015.08.12



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King Puck, a billy goat, receives his ceremonial crown and queen before presiding over the Fair masses from his grassy throne. With a royal goat at the helm, you can image the fun and insanity that reign at Puck Fair. Irelands's oldest and longest celebrated Fair is documented as early as 1603. Among the numerous stories of the Fair's origins is a tale of Oliver Cromwell's army pillaging a herd of goats grazing in the hills surrounding Killorglin. A he-goat, "Puck", broke free and retreated to the nearby town. His arrival alerted the townspeople to the approaching danger and they immediately prepared their defenses. Whatever the origin, the fair can't begin until villagers head into the nearby mountains to pluck the unsuspecting goat from his natural home and bring him to town to crown him King. Only then does the drinking begin. An opening day horse fair is followed by a cattle fair, parades, open air concerts, fireworks, children's competitions, street entertainers, Irish jigs, and local crafts for sale. On day three, Scattering Day, King Puck is relieved of his duties and returns to his humble existence rambling in the mountains of Kerry.

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