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Procession Of The Black Nazarene



Philippines - Manila


From: 2016.04.22 To: 2016.04.22



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Huge rivers of believers, lovers of tradition and curious tourists gather twice a year around the statue of Black Nazarene who’s carrying a cross. This long procession has a tremendous importance for the locals, and thousands, some say even a million, people follow the statue and try to lay their hands on it due to belief that it’s miraculous. The statue itself has an intriguing history. It’s believed that it originates from Mexico and was transferred to the Philippines a few centuries ago. While it was on the way to Philippines, the statue got burnt in the fire and the Nazarene became black. The Black Nazarene, who survived the fire, was then turned into the icon of the two processions that happen every year on Good Friday and on 9th of January. Since the procession is huge and everyone wants to get close to the statue its advised to find a nice spot a bit further from the Black Nazarene and enjoy the view.

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