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Procession of Madonna Bianca



Italy - Portovenere


From: 2015.08.17 To: 2015.08.17



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The Madonna Bianca portrays the Holy Mary with child, and according to tradition it came to Porto Venere in 1204, in the inside of a floating trunk. The painted parchment was blackened by time, but in 1399 it suddenly recuperated its original colors while a man was absorbed in prayer, in order to exorcise the peril of the plague. This was obviously considered a miracle, and every August 17 since that day has been celebrated with small altars, arches of greenery and garlands of flowers arranged with a spellbinding illumination in the most characteristic alleys and corners of the village. The evening torch-lit procession goes across the illuminated old village to the tip of San Pietro and it is the highlight of the event.

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