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Portugal Day Faro



Portugal - Faro


From: 2016.06.10 To: 2016.06.10



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Portugal Day, or `Dia de Portugal` is an event to mark the death of Luis de Camoes` death on June 10th, 1580. Camoes was a local writer much loved in Portugal and who wrote Portugal`s national poem, `Os Luisadas` which covers the history and achievements of the country. Although it is an event celebrated throughout the country and with Portuguese people around the world, the main festivities occur in Faro where a nine-day event commemorates Portugal Day. Here you will find concerts performed by the Portuguese Armed Forces, from both orchestras and bands. There is also a Folk Music Festival in this area to celebrate the event and the Portuguese Guitar Festival. This guitar festival includes international musicians who perform at the Faro Municipal Theatre, as well as workshops held to celebrate the guitar and teach new techniques.

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