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Perang Topat



Indonesia - Lingsar


From: 2015.11.18 To: 2015.11.18



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'Perang' means 'war,' 'topat' is a rice cake or rice boiled in plaited young coconut leaves, to be exact. That's right! It's a massive, extremely fun and absolutely insane rice war! The best part of this festival is that it is celebrated by both Balinese Hindus and Sasak Wetu Telu Muslims of the region, fostering tolerance and unity. The event is preceded by weeks of prayers and planning. The Pura Lingsar Temple is the main location of the festival, where people of both religions come to thank God for the abundance of crops and ask for God's blessings. Interesting fact: the cow is a sacred animal for Hindus, whereas Muslims are not allowed to consume pork. As a result, neither beef nor pork offerings are allowed in the temple. Topat is the main offering of the ritual, following which the Hindus and Muslims engage in a three-night topat war. This festival attracts hundreds of tourists and thousands of locals, who demonstrate the harmony and friendship of the two religious communities.

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