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Peñíscola Magic Summer



Spain - Peñíscola


From: 2016.06.18 To: 2016.06.22



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Magic, witchcraft and palm readers fill the Peñíscola streets with endless nights of supernatural splendor. Magic Summer is a chance to learn street illusions and stage magic from the masters themselves. Children can take part in activities on the beach, magic workshops, magical storytellers and many, many charmed characters. If witchcraft is your thing you'll be glad to know there are plenty of good witches, bad sorcerers, white magic and rituals that fill the night with smiles and mysteries. Palm readers are "on hand" to discover your destiny, your star signs or help you follow the pendulum, which will reveal you more things that you can imagine. If that's not enough, visit the ghosts at the Papa Luna Castle or take a haunted train. It is all part of the endless Magic Summer nights in Peñíscola.

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