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Patras Carnival



Greece - Patras


From: 2016.03.07 To: 2016.03.07



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Patras Carnival is a wild series of celebrations and gluttony prior to the 40 days of Lent. The festivities begin on the St. Anthony day (17 January) on George Square with dancing, street performers, concerts and fireworks. In the days and weeks that follow the smell of roasting meat fills the island as locals slaughter their fatted pigs washed down with some local wine. You can also experience the Children's carnival and participate in an intricate treasure hunt game but you better practice up on your Greek history if you hope to win. Bourboulia dances are another tradition unique to the Patras Carnival. Women arrive in black robes and masks that hide their true identity and allow them to flirt and dance with whomever they choose. In an era of gender inequality the tradition was extremely liberating and it has carried on into the modern carnival. The grand finale is an extravagant parade on the Sunday before "Clean Monday", the official start of the period of penance and prayer.

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