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Indonesia - Sumber


From: 2016.03.25 To: 2016.03.25



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Pasola is a dynamic and exciting game, held annually in various parts of Western Sumba. Here's what happens. Two teams, representing different clans and tribes, ride horses as they fling wooden spears in their opponents. Their horses are gloriously decorated, and the entire event looks like an epic battle. The game requires such skills as excellent horse riding and precision, not to mention physical strength. The word 'pasola' consists of two parts - 'pa,' meaning 'game' and 'sola' or 'hola,' meaning spear or a blunt wooden stick. There are hundreds of legends that claim the origins of this tradition, each more creative and fascinating than the other. Depending on the part of the region, where Pasola is played, it will be accompanied by different rituals. In Wanukaka, for example, the marapu priests gather for a prayer on the beach at sunrise. If you decide to attend this event, make sure to check out the surrounding villages, where you will find impressive traditional architecture and beautiful countryside.

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