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Paro Tsechu



Bhutan - Paro Dzong


From: 2016.01.07 To: 2016.01.09



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The most visually stunning, emotionally moving and excitingly danceable festival in Bhutan! Join the thousands of traditionally dressed devotees at the Paro Tsechu as they come to honour their Buddhist faith and be blessed. Taking place in the Paro Dzong monastery/fortress there's three parts to the festivities: pre-festival rituals, ceremonies inside Paro Dzong and the final main public events on the festival grounds. The highlight is the unveiling of the sin-cleansing four-storey 350+ year old tapestry, which takes place amidst intense dances. There's also drama, displays, trumpet blowing, symbol clashing and many other symbolic acts of good overcoming evil. To help you get into the mood, there's shed loads of butter tea and barley alcohol. The dances and masks are held to be scared, so much so that they have not changed for over 1000 years, and there's no reason why you would want them to change - the Paro Tsechu remains one of the most intoxicating and reverent festivals on the planet.

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