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Paris-Roubaix Race



France - Compi├Ęgne


From: 2016.04.11 To: 2016.04.11



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Paris-Roubaix is one of the oldest races of the professional road cycling calendar. First run in 1896, it has been stopped only by the two world wars. The race usually leaves riders caked in mud and grit, from the cobbled roads and rutted tracks of northern France's former coal-mining region. However, this is not how this race earned the nickname l'enfer du Nord, or Hell of the North. The term was used to describe the route of the race immediately after World War I. The organisers give levels of difficulty to the cobbled sections, evaluated by length, irregularity of the cobbles and the condition of each section and its position in the race. The course passed through ruins, craters and destruction. Every year seems to bring a new controversy and greater glory to the victor. This is truly a cobbled classic race that should not be missed. But it might be missed if you pay attention to the name as the race hasn't started in Paris since the 60's but is rather starts in Compiègne.

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