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Palio delle Contrade



Italy - Grosseto


From: 2015.09.08 To: 2015.09.09



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In between Rome and Florence, Tuscan town called Castel del Piano is host to one of the country's oldest horse-racing events, palio, which dates back to the 15th century. In fact, it's a normal tradition in the area surrounding Siena, which offers the most famous version of this race and brings thousands annually. In the small, relatively unknown Castel del Piano, get up close to the neighborhood war for a coveted silk banner and watch the cutthroat horse race. The city center fills up with local spectators, hay, flags, and food, during the competitive horse-related competitions. Beforehand, however, everyone comes together to honor the Madonna delle Grazie, and followed a blessing of the horses. After all the formalities, the races begin. Then, when the winner is announced, all inside the walled city goes a bit crazy with festa, a great chance to see the famous festival from an off-the-beaten path locale.

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