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TravelShark Acquires Joobili:  "Leading hyper-local travel planning company acquires the assets of with plans for summer launch of TravelShark Events"

Travolution: "Joobili, a new travel experience site based in Europe, has secured a seed round of investment from one of the high profile backers of Dopplr, Flickr and Technorati."

RealDeal: "Budapest-based voted among best regional startups."

TechCrunch: "When you want inspiration for a holiday you work out what is on when."

The AlarmClock: "The site looks terrific..."

The Guardian: "...a virtual timeline of interesting events happening in European cities. Pick your dates, and see what Europe has to offer."

Irish Times: "For more ideas, fest freaks can culture-surf for hours on, a new site that tells you what to look out for, and when.

Go2Web20: "With Joobili, you say when, and they will help you to find the best travel experiences specific to your travel dates and personal interests. Simple as that."

KillerStartups: "The site is a simple one to use, and it stays true to its tagline: You say when, we say where."

Mashable: "A slick way to find, share, and start planning your next vacation."

Fine Art of Marketing: "Discovering Joobili was a pleasant surprise for me, firstly because I find it unique in a pile of travel related web services and secondly because it is perfectly aligned with my needs as a user."

SpringWise: "Joobili's ?timely travel? approach turns the way we book travel on its head by putting the activities before the destination."

PC Magazine: "Top 100 Websites of 2009"

ReadWriteWeb: "Rather than planning your trip blindly, you can hit (or miss) every major festival, sporting event or concert tour on your travel route."

The Times: "The 10 Best New Travel Websites...Joobili has a huge range of content and nifty navigation, despite still being in beta"

Seedcamp: "Top Teams for Seedcamp 2009"

The Gadget Show: "Check with Joobili and you might have one of the best travel experiences ever!"

DailyMail: "Joobili is selective, with editors trying to ensure that what gets posted up are really interesting and enticing experiences."

BBC Fast Track: "Best of travel on the web"

VentureBeat: "Europe's top startups visit Silicon Valley"

The BOOT - The Business of Online TravelInterview with Joobili boss Jared Salter - Part 1 - rasing money in Europe

BBC Click: Webscape picks a city break and takes retro snaps

Tnooz: Four types of non-destination based search and what it means for online travel "No Fear, help is at hand. Joobili is a unique travel website that finds out what you like to do." 

EU TechCrunch: Joobili Secures More Angel Funding to Push its Event-Led Travel Site The Most Useful Websites for Travelers