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Oslo World Music Festival



Norway - Oslo


From: 2015.10.30 To: 2015.11.04



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Oslo, at latitude 59, is about as geographically far away from the rest of the world as a capital city can get. But that hasn't stopped this Scandinavian hub from hosting a world musical with a healthy representation of quality performers from across the world during the annual World Music Festival. Indeed, if this festival were a food, it would most definitely be a spicy home cooked soup, nothing gourmet about it, all brain-food. For instance, previous performances have included poetry to accompaniment from Tanzanian Ras Nas (aka. Nasibu Mwanukuzi); flamenco star Estrella Morente who lets emotion dribble off her trembling lips, and the late Ali Farka Toure, an African performer who fairly kissed sunsets with his heart-wrenching Malian countryside ballads. The world does come to Norway for a week. And while the style of this festival is low-key emotional tunes, there will be no snoozing allowed, only musical food for your soul.

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