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Orange Carnival of Ivera



Italy - Ivrea


From: 2016.01.06 To: 2016.02.22



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Everyone has heard of La Tomatina, the famous Spanish tomato food fight, but far fewer are familiar with the fight of a different fruit: oranges. The orange battle is a slightly more structured than other food fights in that at least there are two opposing groups rather than a mad free-for-all. The “bad guys” are the teams in carriages symbolizing the tyrant’s guards and they battle against the orange throwing foot-patrols representing the rebellious commoners. The foot teams are further split into nine teams with their own name, uniform and city district. Everyone is allowed to participate but you have to pick a side and join a team. This battle of oranges has its roots in the middle ages when beans were used in this battle. Twice a year the feudal lord gave a pot of beans to the poor families who, out of disrespect, threw them into the streets. Eventually the beans were replaced by oranges that were thrown from balconies by adoring girls at you boys who were riding in the parade of carriages below. The boys naturally returned fire and the battle began. However, it wasn’t until after WWII when the battle really took shape in its present form with fixed rules. Head to the main square and get ready for a one of a kind experience.

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