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Germany - Munchen


From: 2015.09.22 To: 2015.10.07



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You'll be banging on the wooden tables with new best friends and swinging your stein to the sound of an oomph-pa band at the world's largest public festival. Oktoberfest in Munich is all about beer, beer and more beer, oh, and Bavarian lifestyle, too. This is the perfect place to comfortably don lederhosen, dirndl and start the day with a beers and sausages breakfast. And you'll be in good company; seven million foreigners and locals attend the best, loudest and most debaucherous event in Germany. Known as "Wies'n," the name of the large meadow where it is held, Oktoberfest hasn't always been a two-week celebration of beer. It started as a wedding reception for local royalty. But when brewers started putting up stands next to the royal marquee during subsequent anniversary years, Oktoberfest was born. These days expect just as many bierleichen, or beer corpses (as locals call the drunken victims of too many steins) as there are abandoned glass steins. And keep in mind that the opening weekend madness could bring even Bacchus to his knees with drunken wide-eyed wonder, but it's fun do try everything once, right? Meanwhile you're guaranteed that the rest of the two-week celebration features bosomy waitresses in corseted-bodices taking your order and carrying more steins than humanly possible. It's fun. And if you don't book a hotel months in advance, bring a sleeping bag and go for a beer-induced comatose. Ein, zwei, drei, prost!

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