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O Grove Seafood Festival



Spain - El Grove


From: 2015.10.05 To: 2015.10.14



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Europe's elite fishmongers unite for a two-week seafood safari at the the seaside village of O Grove on the coast of Spain's English-speaking outpost Galicia. Otherwise known as the Fiesta de Exaltación del Marisco, the event brings together more than 200,000 people for seafood sales, booths, information stands, events, contests and tastings in what's been described as a "charming," and "lovely" seaside town. This is two-weeks of proper seafood shenanigans that isn't just for industry insiders. Where else can you see live seafood sculptures of lobsters on a bed of clams and scallops? Before you depart you may want to brush up on seafood trivia and win a goodie bag filled with mussels, a crab and the fresh fish catch of the day. In addition to eating succulent seafood all day you'll be entertained by folk dancing, music and seafood sports. If it's edible and from the sea you'll find it here.

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