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Indonesia - Denpasar


From: 2016.03.05 To: 2016.03.05



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You feel as if you're in paradise when in Bali. It has the world’s most superb beaches and resorts and millions of people journey here every year to forget about their troubles and relax under the sun. However, Bali has a lot more to offer than its endless natural beauty. It is a culturally rich and intriguing island. Over 90% of its inhabitants are Balinese Hindus, which is why its traditions are deeply rooted in Hinduism. Nyepi is a “Day of Silence.” It's a celebration of New Year; however, unlike most of the Western cultures, the Balinese spend this day reflecting on the meaning of life, meditating and getting in touch with nature. It’s a day of forgiveness. The streets are empty and quiet. However, the days preceding Nyepi, Bali could not be livelier and more colourful. Every small village makes an Ogoh-ogoh monster, symbolizing the evil spirit, which is then set on fire. During the carnival you will see great dance performances, elaborate costumes as having the chance to listen to beautiful traditional music.

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