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Nuremberg Christmas Market



Germany - Nuremberg


From: 2015.11.30 To: 2015.12.24



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In addition to its gigantic size, the Nuremberg Christmas Market is special in that the city chooses a local teenager to be the Nurgemburg Christ Child, underlying the spiritual, youthful feeling of the market. That said, the market offers all of the traditional goodies that make German Christmas markets delightful: gingerbread houses, mulled wine and candlelit historic surroundings. The 200-some stalls at the Nuremberg Market offer only the most traditional goodies but none of the distracting activities. The organizers attempt to preserve the city's yesteryear qualities by not allowing any funfair rides or other more modern forms of entertainment. The centerpiece and symbol of Nuremberg, the castle, is lit with lanterns giving the market a breathtaking visual crescendo. Choirs singing seasonal specials and children's performing the Christmas pageant complete the scene.

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