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Nowhere Festival



Spain - Castejón de Monegros


From: 2015.07.03 To: 2015.07.08



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Nowhere Festival is the European Burning Man, an empty expanse of Spanish desert is waiting to be filled by your imagination and creativity. The exact location of the event is kept secret until just before the event to ensure everyone arrives to an empty canvass. Nowhere Festival is is built on 5 key principles 1) Self-expression: The freedom to be in a creative and liberating space 2) Radical self-reliance: You are responsible for yourself 3) No commerce: Bring all you need because you can’t buy it there 4) Leave no trace: Create something from nothing, and leave nothing behind 5) Participation: Get involved – this is not an event for spectators Come with an open mind and you'll be amazed with what you see and experience.

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