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Noche de San Juan



Spain - Puerto de la Cruz


From: 2016.06.23 To: 2016.06.24



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A magical Midsummer festival which has its roots in Guanche (Tenerife’s original inhabitants) traditions. On Midsummer’s Eve on the 23rd June, beaches around the coast fill with Canarians armed with picnics and flowers. The biggest celebrations take place in Puerto de la Cruz where upwards of 20,000 people fill the town’s main beach at Playa Jardín. As darkness falls, holes are excavated in the sand and decorated with flowers and candles and bonfires are lit. A mix of traditional Canarian bands and Latino groups help transform the beach into a sandy dance floor until a spectacular firework display announces that midnight approaches. The Midsummer waters are believed to possess magical qualities so don’t forget to bring swimming costumes. After midnight everyone strips off and takes to the water to ensure good health for the coming year. If you manage to last until dawn you should be rewarded with the sight of the legendary island of San Borondón on the horizon…provided you’ve drunk enough wine. The following morning anyone who’s got the energy should head down to the town’s harbour from 8 am to watch the ritual bathing of goats from the Orotava Valley. A bizarre little custom sees a couple of thousand goats bitching like mad as they’re dragged one by one into the sea for their annual bath, followed by horsemen who ride their steeds into the curative waters.

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