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Night of the Witches



Mexico - Catemaco


From: 2016.03.04 To: 2016.03.05



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The coastal town of Catemaco could be called the spiritual home of witches and witchcraft. For one night ever year witches from all over Mexico and around the world to meet to celebrate their art. The festival started in 1970 when a local Shaman (brujo) decided to hold a witchcraft convention in Catamaco. Witchcraft holds an importance place in Mexican culture originating from a mix of Spanish, indigenous and West African traditions. Today this convention also draws thousands of tourists who come to view the spectacle. Visitors of the festival can try the numerous medicine and herbal remedies on offer. Prophets, medicine men and witches will offer to heal your spirits and summon the supernatural. For the rest of the year Catemaco is not situated on the tourist route and one can explore the mystic Lake Catemaco and its many islands, including Monkey island, yes complete with monkeys from Thailand. Small villages scattered along the coast can also be explored, along with the lush rain forest inland of Catemaco, where Sean Connery's Medicine Man was filmed. This is a very different event not to be missed...if you're not too spoked out at night!

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