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Night of the Radishes



Mexico - Oaxaca


From: 2015.12.23 To: 2015.12.23



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This curious radish sculpturing event is one of Oaxaca's most popular Christmas events. No one really knows how the festival began but the event is considered to be over 100 years old. Competition is now fierce for the beautifully sculptured radishes. Local artists and townspeople pull their radishes out of the ground three days before the event and begin to carve their colourful creations for the special night. Displays often tell a story, such as Mexico's War of Independence or the story of Jesus, and include little houses, gardens and even villages. The festival also hosts a market, delicious local foods to try, children's workshops and of course, fireworks. And if you'd like one of the radish creations in your house, many of them are also for sale. With Christmas festivities continuing over the following days, it may be worth staying on.

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