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New Year's Eve in Helsinki



Finland - Helsinki


From: 2015.12.31 To: 2016.01.01



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The Finnish capital comes to life this New Year's Eve as cries of 'Hyvää Uuttavuotta' fill the air! Make a beeline for the Helsinki Cathedral at the stroke of midnight where each year the bells are rung to bring in the New Year amongst crowds of fearless revellers out to defy the sub-zero Helsinki temperatures! Fireworks and celebrations follow well into the night, and you better get those dancing shoes on if you don't want your toes to freeze! If your have some tin and a spoon handy, you can also partake in that age old Finnish tradition of 'tin melting'! Melt your piece of tin on a spoon and then quickly let the tin drop into cold water, where the shape formed is said to tell your future for the coming year. So, for a New Year's Eve steeped in fun, frivolity and tradition as well as a rollicking good time, make your way to Helsinki this December 31st.

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