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National Hollerin’ Contest



United States - Spiveys Corner


From: 2016.06.16 To: 2016.06.16



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America is the land of wacky competitions but the National Hollerin’ Contest ranks pretty high on the list of all-time strange ones. Long before e-mail and cell phones, hollerin’ was the chief way to communicate across great distances in rural America. The annual celebration of this fading art form (yes, art!), the hollerin’ contest is much more than a shouting match, requiring not just a strong set of lungs but great vocal prowess, originality and lots of practice. Held since 1969, the one-day fest has grown into the signature event of 500-soul Spivey’s Corner, attracting thousands of visitors each year – among them have been such notables as Ronald Reagan and the Shah of Iran. Besides the hollerin’, there’s a whistlin’ and a conch shell blowin’ competition as well as a corn hole tournament. Make some noise!

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